Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Shaun Marie has focused this week on what the New York Post calls Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s “Enviro-Activism” over hydrofracking. What do you think – is the AG putting ideology ahead of what’s best for New York? Give your opinion today in our new weekly poll.

In Washington, as the debt ceiling debate rages the Obama Administration is playing politics with our national economy. Here is Charles Krauthammer on why a principled, honest debate over the debt ceiling is good for America (and for conservatives who understand that spending is the problem).

And from the New York Post: “Who will save us from this recovery?

Here’s another environmental activist hoping to impose a left-wing political agenda...

And more political theater from Chuck and his "blame business first" devotion to the government (which, thanks to the Obama Administration's drilling policies, is at the center of skyrocketing prices).

But if it helps with the fundraising, Schumer is willing to criticize bills he helped pass...

On the presidential expected, Romney is in...

But did we expect our fellow New Yorker Rudy Guiliani to be so active this go-round?

Unemployment not budging... Medicare and Social Security going bankrupt... the deficit getting larger and larger – these problems all seem like fun and games for the Obama Administration... but try cutting funding for an abortion provider and this bunch gets pretty riled up...

Have a great weekend!

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  1. RE: Hydrofracking. The head of the EPA was asked if there were any documented instances of hydrofacking contaminaiting the water supply. Her response was "No".