Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bill Hammond believes it is time to stop freaking about hydrofracking. But AG Schneiderman wants to keep jobs out of New York.

E. J. McMahon says tweaks won't reform NYS pensions.

Some in the US Senate want to cut the number of offices Senators have, wonder how Sen. Schumer and Senator Gillibrand feel about that. Interesting that Sen. Gillibrand has NINE offices with a population of 19.5 million while Senator Feinstein has four and California has a population of 36.9 million.

What will happen when they vote on the debt ceiling later?

Do the democrats really believe they can continue to operate without a realistic solution to the debt crisis?

The stimulus worked well by creating all those jobs, didn't it?

Who is the "party of no" now?

It must be Tuesday, Thomas Sowell has more words of wisdom for us.

Hope to see you all tomorrow at our 49th Annual Dinner!

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