Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today, make your voice heard in local school board elections!

Rich Lowry opines on Newt Gingrich. So does the Washington Times. People in Iowa not to happy with Newt.

The NY Post Editorial on the new proposed NYS pension tier. While the bill has not been introduced yet, it appears it will continue to be "defined benefit" and with all due respect, the changes proposed will not fully resolve the long term problems. A "defined contribution" must be considered. Read more about the proposals here and here. According to this article, the Governor is not willing to fight for "defined contribution" maybe because he couldn't get it passed. Why not? It is for future employees...new hires who would be fully aware of what they would be entitled to. More here.

Sen. Skelos releases ethics disclosure, where is Speaker Silver's?

Rep. Paul Ryan will stay in Congress.

Rep. Ryan forces the debate...are Americans really willing to make the necessary cuts.

Did they take the Hippocratic Oath?

Larry Kudlow interviews former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (Mr. Kudlow also reminds us we can trust but have to verify.)

Thomas Sowell on tax cuts...well worth the read.

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