Monday, May 16, 2011

Just a quick reminder to vote Tuesday's School Board Elections, most of your property taxes are tied to school budgets.

More on New Yorker's leaving New York.

Will NYC's OTB return?

Mayor Bloomberg and his "shadow" government.

New York City's puppet!

The Heritage Foundation with more in the debt-limit. The Weekly Standard also weighs in on the debt-limmit.

Meanwhile Timothy E. Geithner continues to ramp up the rhetoric. Mr. Geithner, haven't you learned yet that you cannot rob Peter to pay Paul?

As long as the Administration continues to spend, spend, spend, the job market will continue to be dismal.

And as long as the job market remains dismal, entitlement programs will run out of money.

More Obamacare waivers approved.

Can we trust him? Why do I believe it is just campaign mode calling for more oil production?

Archbishop Dolan on traditional marriage. Liz Benjamin writes "Why Row C Matters"
Jacob Gershman on "Marriage Fight Turns to Religion"

The New York Post Editorial Board endorses Assemblywoman Jane Corwin for Congress.

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