Thursday, May 5, 2011

The NY Post Editorial: Shout It Loud!

Steve Cuozzo: Ground Zero, no more!

Now that Osama is dead, Larry Kudlow, asks the question "Are We Done in Afghanistan"?

The Heritage Foundation on Obama's anti-energy policies.

People who live in areas without public transportation should be up-in-arms about this Obama proposal!

Every American should be up-in-arms about this. Where is the resolve to cut spending? They really can't be serious in thinking that Congress will raise the debt ceiling by $2 trillion so they don't have to revisit the issue before the 2012 presidential election....seriously, do they think we are not paying attention to the out of control spending?

Jobless claims up again.

Governor Cuomo dismisses Speaker Silver's "temporary" tax cap. Minority Leader Kolb encourages the Governor to turn up the heat. Our press release on Monday has certainly been the stimulus of getting the "players" engaged! We have been told that the Long Island Tax Reform group is holding a rally on Tuesday, May 10 at 11:00 AM in the Well of the LOB and you are welcome to partake in the rally to pass the property tax cap. We have also been told more are planned. As we get details, we will let you know.

The GOP is postponing their annual dinner, but rest assured we are not postponing ours! Visit our website ( for your invitation if you have not received it in the mail.

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