Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

President Obama is having a grand time in Europe and true to form; he is not defending our First Amendment. True to form is his spending, and while we certainly support those who seek to live in a democracy, we wonder where the money will come from.

America is facing catastrophic costs itself with all of the damage due to the tornado's that have devastated America’s heartland. America’s economic outlook, if based on home sales, is not looking good. and if the Democrats have their way, we will be paying far more in taxes.

And let’s not forget what he did to our closest ally this week.

Sen. Tom Coburn, is in the news again, for all the right reasons. Join us next Wednesday at our annual dinner and be sure to thank him for watching out for us.

Here in New York, Governor Cuomo has been traveling the state to push his agenda. To be honest, Governor Cuomo is doing his best to save New York State from economic failure and I believe him when he states that the tax cap must be passed before we can push for mandate relief. There has to be a starting point and the tax cap is that point.

On the fiscal issues, Governor Cuomo understands the urgency to turn New York around. So does every New Yorker.

I hope you have a pleasant Memorial Day and have the opportunity to honor our veterans. Freedom is never free

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