Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

On June 1 the Conservative Party will hold our 49th Annual Dinner with special guest speaker and honoree U. S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK). I hope you can join us in New York City for this event that’s always informative and, if you ask me, lots of fun.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can find your invitation here on our website.

Sen. Coburn has been in the news quite a bit this week, you might have noticed. He’s making a real effort to get the federal budget under control. In fact, Sen. Coburn’s official site has a feature called Washington Waste that's a great place to find information on how the politicians are abusing our tax dollars.

It seems (thank goodness) that Sen. Coburn has only so much patience for Washington games and “gangs.” He’s striking out on his own with a budget plan that will make serious progress in trimming the federal budget. We’ll definitely be watching what he comes up with.

I know that, unlike most elected “leaders,” Sen. Coburn is truly committed to listening to his fellow Americans and working on their behalf. For our new Weekly Poll, the Conservative Party is giving you an opportunity to tell the Senator which issues you think should take top priority.

What’s important to you – reining in spending throughout the federal budget? Getting rid of the waste, fraud and abuse that squander away our tax dollars? Truly representing “working families” and businesses by lowering taxes? Repealing ObamaCare? Or, reforming Medicare and Social Security so these programs will actually be around for current and future retirees? Cast your vote today.

Speaking of the budget... Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats are taking a leisurely, “unhurried” approach to planning for America’s fiscal future. But when you consider the Schumer Democrats’ devotion to higher taxes and more spending, it’s easy to think that no news is good news on the budget front.

Speaking of ObamaCare – this story about socialized medicine in action (so to speak) should make all of us a bit queasy...

And speaking of President Obama... most analysis I’ve read suggests that overall his hyped up Middle East speech wasn’t that bad – and some believe he’s discovered his “inner Bush.” (Per the headline from this Charles Krauthammer column, Obama’s embrace of the Bush Doctrine is “the news in Obama’s speech.”)

BUT... the President really blew it with Israel. His utter disregard for our ally is described in the Post editorial above as “terribly disturbing.” It’s the cause, according to John Podhoretz, of President Obama’s “bungled message.”

There will be plenty of talk about this speech and the spending crisis in Washington on the Sunday talk shows – and I’m sure Sen. Coburn will have plenty to say at our 49th Annual Dinner. Don’t miss it – and have a great weekend!

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