Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What was this Judge thinking?  The prisoner is serving a life sentence for killing his wife and is in an all male prison and the Judge orders taxpayers to pay for his sex change operation, the decision is just mind boggling.

Governor O'Malley was forced to walk back his original statement, guess he didn't read the memo before going on Face the Nation.

If they need ID's to vote at a convention, shouldn't participants need an ID to vote for elected officials?

The Heritage Foundation focuses on education with an article on the Good, the Bad ad the Ugly of the school year. 

Sometimes you hear things on the news or read a headline and think it must be an April Fool's joke, but it is September and this is not a joke.    Could not agree more with the NY Daily News editorial that states "Once there was command authority with consequences. Now, there’s psychobabble and touch-feely gobbledegook". 

Really Speaker Silver?  I don't think you will find many people believing that you asked Assemblyman Lopez to resign.  You just got caught with your fingers in the pie and now you are trying to cover your huge problem, not the first time you have covered for Assembly staff, but let's hope it is the last.  Time for you to resign along with Assemblyman Lopez.  Steve Malanga writes in the WSJ Where the Statehouse often leads to the Big House, and in all honesty it paints an ugly picture of some of our elected officials. 

Read what our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, has to say about the deepening morass.

In case you missed our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, on World Over this past Holiday weekend, you can view it here.  (Wendy Long begins at the 25:00 minute mark.)

Sometimes it is about the message, not the advertising.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell, today's column Obama's Dreams.

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