Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I am not a Letterman fan so of course I did not watch President Obama on his show last night, good think I didn't.  President Obama has absolutely no knowledge of economics, does not know what the national debt is and totally glosses over the fact that we are borrowing from China, thinks the debt is not a serious problem short term because interest rates are low (I want to hear his explanation to his daughters in a few years) doesn't acknowledge his spending, Obamacare/tax,  (also, he has had three years to cut programs that don't work) what is unfortunate,besides his total lack of knowledge, is that some voters only listen to what he says.
Watch the video here.   Before (maybe after) doing the Letterman Show, President Obama was collecting mega dollars from his friends in Manhattan.  (No time for Netanyahu, but plenty of time for fun....should we petition to change President Obama's name to Nero??)

Any questions about President Obama's true beliefs?  Listen to this audio clip from 1998 of Barack Obama at Loyola University. 

Now read the Heritage Foundation on how government dependency rises while taxpayers decline.

Mitt Romney may not be Ronald Reagan, but he certainly isn't Barack Obama who for the last 3 3/4 years has brought about the decline of America because Barack Obama truly believes in redistribution of wealth, among Americans and yes among nations.  Don't let the press, dumb late night programs or non-issues try to suppress the need to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket.  Go a step further, get involved in the campaign, let Romney/Ryan know you won't be fooled by Obama et al.  No matte what they say or do to distract you. 

Michelle Malkin:   "Let the parsers and panicky pundits chase their tails and hurl their nuts. This election is about America's makers versus America's takers. Romney should never, ever apologize for making that clear."

 Thomas Sowell on the Great Tax Divide.

The NY Sun and the Silver Spoon.

Just a quick reminder of what Obamacare/tax looks like. 

Sheldon Silver not the only one to use a confidentiality clause, but Governor Cuomo defends his use when Attorney General.

Get ready to pay more to go over or through the MTA facilities in New York.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams

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