Thursday, September 20, 2012

Only have time for one article?  Make it this one and then send it to everyone one you  know.  (Better yet, send them the link to our blog.)  Here is part II.    Part III.  Part IV.   Part V. (this will really make you question his altruism.) Part VI.   (Where is the main stream media on any of this?)   Part VII.  Part VIII,. (Chicago politics ... always looking out for the little guy long as he is an elected official.)  Part IX.  (The plot thickens....) Part X.  (The Arab-American network behind Obama, again where is the main stream media?)  Part XI.  (A leopard doesn't change his spots.)  Kudos to the Washington Examiner for doing its job in a responsible way and informing the American people who their President really is.

The Heritage Foundation on what President Obama is doing to welfare reform and his snide remarks about our national debt. 

Thomas Sowell on redistribution.

Sixty-Four percent think too many Americans dependent on government financial aid.

The NY Sun:  US Government playing a game of chicken with itself over the national debt.

Who knows more about our economy and whom would you listen to more:  Barbra Streiseand  or Jack Welch.  (Seriously, if anyone answered Barbra, my question to you is why are you reading this blog??)

New York residents see tax bills soar while income decreases.

Kirsten, are you afraid to debate?   Our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, speaks out on Omar Adbel Rahman.

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