Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The DNC adopts its platform and substitutes government for God.  Please have all the delegates read our Constitution and Bill of Rights, they obviously need a refresher course on the importance of God and the

the fact that government is beholden to its citizens, not citizens beholden to their government.  BTW, why was Senator Durbin so testy? 

Jerusalem suffers the same fate as God in the DNC platform as one of the major areas of agreement between the Democrat and Republican Parties in the past has been eliminated in the DNC platform.   See what our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, has to say about the DNC Platform.

Good presentation, alarming speech.
Solyndra figure gets the Red Carpet treatment at DNC.   I guess when you are a major bundler and waste taxpayer money you get to stand behind the podium and pretend you made a difference to someone other than your close friends.

Solyndra's debacle contributed to the $5.4 trillion this Administration has spent since taking office, bringing our total debt to $16 trillion.  And all  hear at the DNC is how they need to spend more.

Our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, has a few words to say about the Senator Gillibrand's change of heart when it comes to improper advances.

So does the New York Post and the New York Daily News.   The NY Times looks at Vito Lopez's kingdom.   Don't forget to vote in our weekly poll.....

Comptroller John Liu back in a NY Post Editorial.

And more bad financial news for New Yorkers. 

Parents beware: Nickelodeon  under fire for pointing children to Jason Biggs Twitter account that is not intended for children.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams and another bonus Thomas Sowell column.

(I am so looking forward to hear President Bill Clinton tonight....the spin will make us all dizzy.)

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