Thursday, September 6, 2012

President Barack Obama owes former President Bill Clinton big time, if his "little white lie" works.  Clinton certainly tried to convince Americans that “No president, not me, not any of my predecessors — no one could possibly have repaired all the damage that [Obama] found in just four years,” Clinton said.
“But he has laid the foundations for a new, modern, successful economy of shared prosperity. And if you will renew the president’s contract, you will feel it. You will feel it.  The old "I feel your pain" President, the one that was dragged kicking and screaming to the center by Speaker Newt Gingrich (who actually saved Clinton's presidency back then) was in full view last night at the DNC convention.  President Bill Clinton can still mesmerize a crowd with his witty remarks and if you don't pay close attention to what he is spinning, you just may believe him.  Fortunately, many do pay attention and fact checkers prove much of what the man from Hope, inveigling for the man who campaigned on Hope and Change, does not paint the whole picture with his wonky numbers.

More exaggerations, this time regarding Solyndra.

689 Reasons to defeat Obama. 

God and Jerusalem are added back to the DNC platform, but not without a lot of controversy. 
Listen to the floor vote here and hereAndrew Malcolm has some thoughts on what happened last night. CBS NY weighs in also.

DNC Delegates:   Let's Ban Corporate Profits! 

President Obama, can you explain why we are falling down in the ranks of global competitiveness?

Read what Jack Welch has to say about "corporations are people."

Michael Gaynor opines on why our current Senator is video-tapping  our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long.

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long,  a person who deeply cares about what happens to people, calls for Speaker Silver's resignation. 

The NY Post editorial slams AG Schneiderman.

Assembly Democrats, feeling the heat, may look for a new leader, while Andrea Peyser says New York has its own Paterno.

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