Monday, September 24, 2012

This is outrageous!  Enough of schools not allowing children from using their inhalers, yet giving out morning-after pills.  The time for parents to make their voices heard loud and clear is now despite the fact that parents of a pilot program did not protest....was the pilot program in an area they knew parents would not protest?

Did you miss our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, this morning on Fox and Friends?  If so, you can watch it here.

While most would never do a fact check on 60 Minutes, the NY Sun thankfully doesCBS edits some of 60 Minutes interview.  More on the 60 Minutes interview here.

The exalted ruler wants to control the Internet.  Obviously, the main stream media isn't enough!

Michael Barone certainly nails the president's personality in this opinion piece.

Here is how John McLaughlin sees the presidential polling.

The Heritage Foundation writes that it is time for a true opportunity agenda. 

No wonder AARP supports Obamacare/tax.

It may be "intelligent" but it is also a delaying tactic. 

The NY Post  looks at Governor Cuomo's midterm accomplishments or lack of accomplishments.

Are you kidding?  Speaker Silver you may be in quicksand, do you really think we believe that you did not know your staffer has a split personality?

Councilman Vallone makes a valid point.

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