Monday, September 17, 2012

Our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, has another great question for Senator Gillibrand.  How come Gillibrand never answers any of them and how come the press doesn't press Gillibrand for answers?

Do your children, who have moved into their own homes/apartments still vote from your address?  It must be nice that Sheldon Silver's children continue to vote for him....and as long as they are not voting from where they live, they technically are not breaking any laws.  It's great to be King Silver.   Will he remain King Silver as more facts of cover ups are exposed?  Comptroller DiNapoli owes King Silver for his job, does any one think he would say no to any King Silver request?

Will JCOPE do its job?

While some people vote from where they used to live, the NYC Board of Elections ordered a deceased woman's name to remain on the ballot.  Certainly hope that someone makes sure she doesn't vote at the Judicial Convention!

The NY Times on Thursday's key primary races, more here. 

This article will get your blood pressure up, can anyone explain what the arbitrator was thinking with this decision?

Governor Cuomo says New York is open for business, but manufacturing is not listening. 

Citizens United is coming to the small screen.

The Heritage Foundation writes how our US Constitution is under fire.

As the first presidential debate approaches (Oct. 3), the NY Sun has some suggested questions for Jim Lehrer. 

Whose side is Ben Bernake on ours or the President's?   Another good opinion in the NY Sun on the Bernake vs us battle.

More risky loans?

Should a CNN reporter be doing this?   Why would a reporter do what he did and then expect us to believe what he is reporting is unbiased.

Libyan President says attacks planed, but our Ambassador at the UN, Susan Rice, says they were not. 

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