Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012

11 years ago,today, America found her true strength.

We stood together as a Nation when the cowardly terrorist
used planes to try to destroy the one country that has  
always given so much to the world;
We watched in horror as the Twin Towers fell,
knowing how many brave firemen, police and medics rushed
to help the innocent people trapped in the burning towers;
We learned of absolute bravery when Todd Beamer said "Let's Roll";
and the heart ache when the Pentagon was hit.
We experienced an unspeakable attack
and we came together and prayed. 

September 11, 2001 changed all of us;
today we ask you to  
 take a moment to honor all
2753 lives lost
and pray for the families who live with  
the wounds that will never fully heal.

God Bless America.

1 comment:

  1. 11 years ago yesterday, someone within the PENTAGON called for a "training" exercise and SHUT DOWN ALL East Coast Pentagon Military Bases!

    This is who the REAL TERRORIST IS and is ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE for causing the Towers to come down into biblical dust in the City of the Beast "666" Avenue of the America's and headquarters of 'Lucifer' LUCENT_TECHNOLOGIES?

    For the record, I was very active in the days preceding the formation of the BALANCE PARTY between the IDEAS Party and the MONeY Party that instead became the Right in FRIGHT Party...

    Cut spending and WHAT? We are in need of viable economies that create employment not another global_w@r for the corporations to then rebuild as "Jobe`s" Jobs....

    WHY is sickness so rampant; why is crime so rampant? Lack of AFFORDABLE ORGANIC_MEALS, that's why!

    Are WE Universal American's as our Forefather's Mother's envisioned or are we the 'crusaders' for the Holy Ghost Person of "Corporatism" being the "Gift from God" and the attempted "Corporate_Coup" of OUR now to be USA as in JER*USA*LEM that the "activist" Supreme_Court anointed as "superior" to OUR_GOVERNMENT by $$$ with "God's" shingle hanging on our money supply and in our Pledge to the RePublic that stands for the "Corporation" or "We The People"?

    Once again, I am a PROUD Universal American in a shamed by invasion once PROUD RePUBLIC now centered on the "Corporae_Citizen" as the G()P Public.....