Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We're Back! Happy New Year to all

The Administration dropped some news over the past week when most people were focused on family and the Holidays. Obama to ask for debt limit hike, again. A few other items to be aware of, according to the Heritage Foundation, the Justice Department condones perjury, again,
and AG Eric Holder does not like voter ID laws.

In NYC Bill de Blassio wants to stifle job creation.

But this is a new year and the Heritage Foundation and Human Events give us a preview of the coming year. The Heritage Foundation even has 2012 resolutions for Conservatives.

Senator Harry Reid should make a resolution to stick to the truth.

President Obama must remember there is a paper trail now for voters to judge him on.

And Governor Andrew Cuomo has to learn that people will not trust him if he continues to break his promises to constituents. Some good advice in today NY Post Editorial for the Governor.

True to form, Columbia University is offering class credit for the "occupiers", what next? Class credit for misdemeanor convictions? Look what the 'occupiers" are doing now. I really wish someone would explain to me the reason why they don't put their energy into positive actions? Jut think of what they have cost the taxpayers of our great Nation, money taken from the very programs they support. Really, really dumb on their part.

Hydrofracking is the future!

From Maggie Haberman: 5 Things to Watch in Iowa

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