Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not another one! Sadly another stimulus backed energy company files for bankruptcy.

We spend more than most countries, but we need to get better results.

More analysis on the SOTU here and here.

Thou shalt not write bad things about Obama.

SUNY Trustees really need to rethink this as they obviously don't understand the meaning of illegal, as in our country illegally! Time for us to speak out on this issue since it is our money they want to use for illegal students.

Kudos to the Navy Seals!

Here is an article by David Malpass, one of our CPPAC speakers that I am certain you will find enlightening. Also, an article by George J. Marlin, another one of our favorite speakers for CPPAC. And always well received, E. J. McMahon, has his analysis of a Tier 6, and will be speaking at CPPAC on Sunday afternoon. (See related article by Mertacus Center on Pensions here.) We sincerely hope you have registered for CPPAC...if not please do so ASAP, it is this Sunday and Monday! All of above speakers will be with us on Sunday so hurry, email if you haven't registered yet!

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