Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Who does President Obama think he is?

After his unprecedented power grab this week, the Washington Examiner has an idea, noting that the President’s end-run around the Constitution is “the same sort of fundamental disrespect for the rule of law that is routinely practiced by tinhorn dictators like Hugo Chavez.”

In Human Events, we learn that as far as the Senate concerns, this means war.

Who do you think President Obama is – a legitimate leader? A South American-style dictator? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

Speaking of war – well, let’s not, because the Obama Administration is completely undermining America’s ability to defend ourselves.

The Washington Times has the story on Obama’s gutting of America’s defense capabilities...

... as well as a take on why these cuts are disastrous for America.

And here’s more analysis of Obama’s dangerous defense cuts.

On the primary front – Charles Krauthammer sees Rick Santorum as perhaps the first worthy challenger to be faced by Mitt Romney.

In the Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes explains how “It’s the Media’s Republican Primary.”

Oh, and who does Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand think she is – a lawmaker, or a jet-setting socialite? She’s off to Europe to rake in some more campaign cash. Must be nice.

Have a great weekend.

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