Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More on hydrofracking here and here.

Now this is newsworthy: Manhattan DA Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., has an opinion piece in today's NY Times that agrees with a position the Conservative Party has supported for years!

Speaker Sheldon Silver
supports a legislative pay raise, but the NY Post believes the Speaker should win the prize for gall for suggesting they deserve a raise. Going without a raise since 1999 is a long time, however, every two years they make the choice to run again, the pay can't be all that bad, they do get reimbursed for each day in Albany and get stipends for leadership roles and heading committees. Not bad pay for what is supposed to be a part time job.

The Heritage Foundation on the State of Dysfunction.

This will get your blood pressure up! So will this. And while we are raising your blood pressure, here is another one, and the last one for today.

Americans still want Obamacare repealed!

Be prepared for the SOTU, Obama will sound populist as he ignores the law when it comes to submitting the budget.

William McGurn: Obama offends the Catholic Left

Did the Founding Fathers believe in isolationism? Hint: Government spending, its massive bloat and constitutional overreach must be on the chopping block. But the core and undisputed constitutional responsibility of the United States government to provide for the common defense is not up for negotiation.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell, first the final installment from last week and today's.


  1. On the lighter side of the SOTU there is a game becoming an internet sensation called "Can you name the first Obama cliche?"

    The potential choices and the odds for each are at The Political Commentator here: http://bit.ly/A8Q7ih

  2. No Smoke filled rooms just Republican Chair’s choosing Doheny?

    The Party Chairs decided on Matt Doheny a month after his loss of the 2010 Congressional election to Rep. Bill Owens. The Chairs pick and choose candidates up here, not the voters of NY 23 in a real and contested Republican Primary. That was the unfair reality on the table at Shellie Greene's announcement, where it was asked by me during a question session, "How does Matt Doheny go down to Washington DC to talk with the RNC and Congressional leaders, and act like he has the Republican nomination already in hand, without any primary vote having taken place.”

    It's all about appearances and the Republican Party is acting like the Republican Primary is over and that the voters of NY 23 have nominated Matt Doheny. At the time I said the Republican Chairs were wrong to act like Matt had the Republican nomination for Congress in 2012 all sewed up. No wonder why Tea Party Conservative can't stand the Doheny crowd and their pushy ways in letting people in the district know their vote doesn't count. It Counts!

    Mike Flynn "Middle Class Mike'