Thursday, January 19, 2012

And now there are four in the GOP race and a recount shows Rick Santorum had more votes than Romney in Iowa.

Is the Keystone Pipeline XL really shut down for the United States? It is pathetic that President Obama chose politics over jobs. However, Congress may try to revive bill.

Governor Andrew Cuomo visits the NY Post Editorial Board.

Speaker Silver says Governor has a long way to go on pension reform while E. J. McMahon gives the proposal a positive review. The proposal is a very positive step in the right direction for all New Yorkers and something we have proposed for years, the long term savings will be a major benefit to all New York taxpayers and is a major component of much needed mandate relief.

Kathleen Gallagher, one of our CPPAC speakers, has a great column in the Albany Times Union, a column all who support "woman's rights" should read and then ask themselves how they can.

Congressman Grimm calls Port Authority tolls job killers.

NYC Comptroller Liu just keeps getting into deeper problems and here.

Thomas Sowell's part II and III of "An Ignored Disparity". And Wednesday's Walter E. Williams column is here.

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