Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

As President Obama drifts off into his own dream world, where he “continues to demonstrate that he has no idea how real jobs are created or how the economy works”...

... Republicans continue to decide who should run against him this November. No easy task, for sure.

The American Spectator reports from the “southern showdown” in South Carolina:

Rich Lowry gives the win to Newt, with kudos for Rick Santorum as well.

Plenty of debate analysis here from the Washington Examiner, which examines (so to speak) Mitt Romney’s poor debate showing.

Human Events answers some questions about tomorrow’s primary and beyond.

After all of this week’s campaign twists and turns, who are you supporting in the GOP presidential primary? That’s our first Weekly Poll question today.

Here in New York we’re gearing up for epic showdowns of our own after Gov. Cuomo’s “aggressive” and “unprecedented” budget proposal this week that calls for sweeping pension reforms and stricter teacher evaluations.

Public-employee unions are already on the attack – and as the Daily News notes, entrenched Albany politicians (from both parties) are never eager to embrace big and politically difficult changes.

So who do you think will win – Gov. Cuomo or the “politics as usual” crowd? That’s our second Weekly Poll question. I hope you’ll give your opinion today.

And have a great weekend!

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