Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Heritage Foundation on Obama's Tyrannical Abuse of Power. This is a must read article on Obama's "utter disregard" of our U.S. Constitution. More on Obama's appointment from the NY Times, the Washington Times , Human Events the Wall Street Journal, The Hill and the NY Post. The arrogance of making this appointment will certainly become a key issue this year since the language of the bill is quite specific and many in Congress would be happy if the Dodd-Frank Bill was repealed.

Cordray was not the only recess appointment made by Obama.

AG Eric Holder back in the news regarding Fast and Furious.

Mr. President: Listen to him!

Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his State of the State yesterday and as expected outlined his support for casino gambling in New York State. The Daily News ran this article and it really is an apropos piece.

E. J. McMahon comments on the convention center proposal.

The New York Post Editorial has an honest assessment of the Governor's State of the State and raises the right concerns and all New Yorkers should seriously consider the issues raised in the editorial instead of the rhetoric used by the Governor.

Trouble in paradise?

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