Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Mayor has a quick turn around on his controversial proposal to curb drinking.

Looks like the honeymoon is over between Governor Cuomo and Speaker Silver. The NY Post Editorial page is not a fan of AQE and neither are we. More on the simmering story from NY1.

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch supports fingerprinting of food stamp recipients, as we do, in an effort to reduce fraud. More on fingerprinting from Russell Sykes.

The headline says Agency Cuts, but the article says spending continues. Note in the article, it states the request was made, but it is not a hard order.

The Triborough Amendment may not be eliminated this year according to this article, but it has a lot of organizations, including the Conservative Party, that support its repeal.

Seriously, would anyone expect the Justice Department to say otherwise? Just because DOJ says the Cordray appointment was constitutional, doesn't make to so. The Washington Examiner thinks differently and so does Bruce Ackerman (certainly not known as a Constitutionalist).

Please say this isn't so....Solandra seeking to pay bonuses.

Those seeking first time unemployment benefits up again.

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