Monday, January 9, 2012

The comment period ends on Wednesday, and so far the comments are 10 - 1 against putting people to work. Hydrofracking is needed in NYS, residents need the jobs. Contact the DEC (Dept of Environmental Conservation) and let them know we need jobs!

The Heritage Foundation on education, and how one couple took on the EPA and ended up in the Supreme Court.

In case you are wondering what group gets the most Obamacare waivers, the answer is here.

Obama believes federal employees need a raise. We don't have a problem with people getting a raise, but with the deficit at record highs and we are borrowing from China {while giving them financial aid} to pay our bills, is now the time to consider raises?

How Regulations Work: Ready, Fire, Aim!

Somebody please show me where in the US Constitution it say taxpayers have to supply broadband access to low income families?

Abandoning Ship.

The NY Post Editorial hits the nail on the head, while political satirist Frank J. Fleming uses humor on a very serious subject.

Condolences to Tony Blankley's family.

Congratulations to Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan.

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