Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Great news for fiscal conservatives in Washington, with the defeat of the 1,900-page “catch-all” spending bill the lame-duck Congress wanted to impose on all of us.

The Heritage Foundation notes that this victory against spending happened on the 237th anniversary of the original Tea Party.

It could be that Republicans in Washington are getting over their earmark addiction – while the Democrats are still “earmark junkies.” And this is before we welcome a new Congress packed with TEA Party conservatives who ran against out-of-control spending.

Here’s an idea to get spending under control – what The Washington Times calls “A death panel for government.”

Last night we also saw some “okay” news with the passage of the Obama/Republican tax bill.

Taxes won’t skyrocket next year – but according to The Washington Post, the bill is also designed to “provide a fresh boost of federal support to the tepid economic recovery.” That’s Washington-ese for “more spending.”

Charles Krauthammer sees this as a defeat for conservatives, and names President Obama “the new Comeback Kid.”

Who do you think won in the tax debate? Give your answer in our new Weekly Poll.

Next up for the lame ducks – the New START Treaty, which Shaun Marie mentioned yesterday.

According to former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, “Senators must think long and hard about their Constitutional obligations” before they allow the START Treaty to be hastily approved by a lame-duck session. Unfortunately our politicians these days aren’t known for their great thinking – but last night’s spending victory gives us some hope.

And as the old Congress wraps things up, here’s a challenge for Governor-elect Cuomo that’s just getting started. This is sure to test Andrew’s commitment to creating jobs, his allegiance to left-wing special interests and his half-baked campaign rhetoric.

Have a great weekend!

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