Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update: NYC OTB bailout is defeated 29-21....a WIN for us and all New Yorkers!!!

This is a Judge who understands.

Mr. President, we need new ways to drill for oil, NOW! This is something that we do not need, nor will we tolerate.

Some democrats just do not understand! Not the best deal, but they have a framework and the had serious talks for the first time in two years. Your tax dollars will "stimulate the economy" with an additional 13 months of unemployment benefits. NRO gives the deal a qualified victory.

Thomas Sowell on Rhetoric Rides Again

The Heritage Foundation will explain it to them with this column.

Arnie, wasn't this the reason you were elected in 2003 when Gov. Grey Davis was recalled? Now you wake up?

We are not the only ones who want to close the NYC OTB. (As of 4:00 PM no vote has been taken.)

Ted Nugent on the 69th Anniversary of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor.

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