Monday, December 27, 2010

Hope all of you had a blessed Christmas weekend and that you are all safely home and not stranded someplace in the current blizzard conditions in New York State. See what happens when you wish for a white Christmas...

Seriously, it will be a quiet news week, hopefully no one will try to bury important news this week when everyone is still in Holiday mindset.

The NY Post editorial exposes yet another agency Mayor Mike wants to control.

The Heritage Foundation reminds us that President Obama really did a lot of damage last week, not in Congress, but in the Agencies he controls.

Pete DuPont on Turning America Around.

Does anyone believe what PBS tries to sell?

Daniel Henninger has a limited holiday optimism column.

This should give all New Yorkers some concern. Gov. Elect Andrew Cuomo campaigned on a fiscal conservative message, how does bringing back those who have worked for his father and the current administration change anything? Hello, Governor Elect....listen to New Yorkers....NO new taxes, no new spending. The message was CUT SPENDING!!!!

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