Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s censure for Rep. Charlie Rangel...

If Rangel ends up stepping down, would
this replacement be an improvement?

Speaking of ethics... Remember the Ground Zero Mosque – and how maybe its mastermind, Sharif El-Gamal, wasn’t the most honest or ethical guy in the world?
Here is a bit more proof...

We’ve also learned that Sheldon Silver might have found
a new way to get himself and his cronies in Albany a pay raise.

Do you believe the Sheldon Silver crew in Albany deserves a big pay hike courtesy of we, the taxpayers? Vote in our new poll today.

latest unemployment report is grim. Looking at these new figures, how could the Democrats possibly still support raising taxes on anyone?

Big Government has failed, and David Malpass and our friends at Grow PAC are leading the fight to stop it. Right now they’re targeting the Fed’s $600 billion expansion.
Here, you can sign their petition calling for sound money and more jobs, NOT bigger government.

Here is David’s latest Q&A on the deficit and taxes...

Election results are becoming “more official,” it seems – and so is the Conservative Party’s success in moving up the ballot.

Have a great weekend!

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