Monday, December 20, 2010

The UN is talking about regulating the Web! The UN can't do anything right, and it wants to regulate the Web. Couple that idea with the FCC's pending vote on Net Neutrality tomorrow is further proof that government agencies, AKA Big Brother, is trying to dismantle the free press.

Is the passage of START a foregone conclusion? The Heritage Foundation says it isn't and let's hope they are right. Will the GOP stand strong? Mr. President, I've been critical of your vacations, but I really think you should take your vacation NOW. Sen. Reed obviously has too much time on his hands as he cites a lot of pop culture while pushing the START treaty. Really, Sen. Reed, don't you think the references to pop culture icons are debasing the importance of the START treaty? (If you don't, then shame on you!)

Former US Attorney General, Edwin Meese, has a good idea.

Most Americans will support Rep. Peter King on this.

Texas gains, New York looses. Do you thing taxes play a roll? Pension benefits certainly do.

Silver is silent, as usual, on what he will do regarding NY's millionaire tax.

Still in limbo, but the Chief Judge seems to show his stripes. Let's hope the decision isn't as unconstitutional as his last decision was.

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