Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Looks like they reached a deal on the 911 Bill. This from Sen. Coburn's office on the agreement. Passed in US Senate on a voice vote...

More analysis of the 2010 Census numbers here, here, and here. The consensus of the census: Taxes play a big role in where we live. Are you listening Legislators??

A recap of President Obama's year, however, the Washington Times gives him a boost from the Lame Duck session. But did they read this? One of the reasons why our debt is so out of control!

The Chief Justice in NYS admonishes us for having a "crisis of the unrepresented" instead of
admonishing criminals for committing crimes. Justice Lippman has no concept of where the money comes from, he must believe there really is a "money tree in the backyard".

Another consequence of elections, and a promise by the GOP to fight to change the ruling.

START passes Senate by 71-26... on the positive side at least they will all go home now.

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