Monday, December 6, 2010

In case you didn't see Chairman Long on Friday's Capital Tonight interview with Liz Benjamin.

Big news on Saturday! Congratulations to the Republicans who now have a majority in the NYS Senate. Please remember why you lost it and remember what the message is from voters: Cut spending and NO new taxes, fees and other revenue enhancers.

Big Brother is watching you and wants to watch more!

Daniel Henninger on "WikiLeaks R Us". And L. Gordon Crovitz on Assange, Information Anarchist.

Is there another leaker?

Bush tax cut extender = extension of unemployment benefits? No surprise to readers of this blog.

NRO on what to cut in the federal budget.

New York State is not the only state facing public pension problems.

We agree with the New York Post Editorial: No Mosque Money.

Fredric U. Dicker asks the question: Will Silver Lead? Silver is a major part of the problem and from all accounts his members like it the way it is.

Lots of calls, again, for Ethics Reform, however, I'm not seeing any for Term Limits. Mr. Horner, why not? Has any official who has "crossed the line" been newly elected?

John Gizzi on Congresswoman-Elect Ann Marie Buerkle who will be a strong conservative voice in Congress!

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