Monday, November 9, 2009

In case you haven't heard, newly-elected Congressman Bill Owens broke 4 campaign promises in his first hour in Congress. If only the voters had a crystal ball.

The Senate Democrats are at it again. Please contact your legislator and tell them the time to CUT SPENDING is NOW!!!

The Buffalo News agrees and calls on you to take action.

Some are reporting that Health Care is DOA in the Senate, don't believe it. We must make certain our voices are heard, loud and clear, that we do not want government run health care, this year or ever. The WSJ on Line writes of Saturday's House vote.

Why is the President too busy to be in Berlin today? Is Michael Goodwin shedding some light on the President's problems?

Why isn't AG Andrew Cuomo looking into the blatant misuse of public funds and trust?

Kudos's to the NYPD, where are the State Police on this?

Ralph Peters had the courage to speak the truth in this article! Our prayers are for the deceased, their families and for those who witnessed the actions of a deranged man and must live with the horrific memories. Never again!

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