Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Tax Day! (Though this year the deadline is technically not until Monday, due to a D.C. holiday.)

Our Demagogue-In-Chief” celebrated this week by calling for – you guessed it – higher taxes. For America’s sake, I just hope the first line of Mr. Kuhner’s column turns out to be correct.

And of course Chuck Schumer is the first to jump aboard the Obama tax train.

“I thought he hit it out of the park,” Chuck Schumer tells Piers Morgan. “The president laid out a vision for America that just about every American can accept.” I think that’s a bit extreme, wouldn’t you say?

Oh well, Schumer was on the Piers Morgan show on CNN so it’s not like anybody was watching.

The Heritage Foundation has already established the dreadful impact of the Obama tax-hike agenda. Heritage points out, “Far from raising taxes only on the “rich,” the widespread effects of the Obama plan will hurt Americans at every income level.”

Heritage even breaks it down to the state level – so here you can see how Obama’s tax increases will hurt New York.

Here’s our Conservative Party principle: Spending is the problem, tax increases are NOT the solution. The Wall Street Journal has analysis to back that up.

Wherever you stand on this issue, take a stand today: Do you agree with Obama and Chuck Schumer that taxes just aren’t high enough? Or do you agree with the Conservative Party that tax hikes are NOT the answer? Give your opinion in our new Weekly Poll.

For anyone who agrees with the Obama/Schumer liberals, please pay attention to Paul Ryan. Here, for those who just don’t get it, he once again patiently and compellingly explains the fiscal crisis facing America and what we can do about it.

Ryan is joined by Charles Krauthammer – the man you want on your side for an important debate on our nation’s future...

Krauthammer had already weighed in on Obama’s speech, and he pulls no punches. He describes the President’s speech as a “disgrace” – and I think that’s shaping up to be the best word to describe the Obama Administration.

Have a great weekend!

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