Tuesday, April 26, 2011

King & Spaldings are heavily criticized for their decision to abandon DOMA, here, here, here and here. Fortunately, Paul Clement is a man of principle.

Charles Gasparino questions Sen. Schumer's sudden concern over jobs on Wall Street.

Detroit had to learn the hard way, how long before New York will make the necessary changes? Read what happened in Prichard, Alabama and understand it can happen in New York!

Erick Erickson sounds off on the debt ceiling debate.

I'm sure the NY Times and CBS were not happy with their polling results on entitlement reform.

Lewis E. Lehrman has some sound advice for Congressman Paul Ryan and those serious about saving taxpayers from the out of control spending that has taken place for decades.

Obama's answer to skyrocketing gasoline prices: Search for Petrovillains!

The Heritage Foundation on IMF prediction that China's economy will overtake America's by 2016.

Thomas Sowell on The Trump Card....a must read.

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