Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

With a government shutdown looming, President Obama is planning what he’s best at – taking a vacation...

Maybe while he’s in Colonial Williamsburg President Obama could learn a little something about this...

The Washington Times offers a Government Shutdown Survival Guide.

And Rep. Thad McCotter of Michigan puts the matter in focus: “The Democrats support shutting down the government for more spending. Republicans support keeping open the government with less spending.”

The Heritage Foundation explains how Commander-in-Chief Obama has turned his back on America’s military, rejecting support for our men and women in uniform as a “distraction.”

Chuck Schumer also opposes short-term funding bill... but who knows why?

Here’s a link to Sen. Gillibrand’s brave stand on the issue:

Seriously, good luck finding any word from our junior Senator on the need to protect our troops’ pay.

Senators Sessions and Thune explain the sensible stop-gap measure...

What do you think? Do you agree with the Conservative Party that Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand should put the needs of our military ahead of Big Government and Democratic Party politics? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

Charles Krauthammer takes a look at the Ryan prosperity budget and specifically the false claims about Ryan’s Medicare proposals.

And what do the Schumer Democrats have in mind for saving Medicare? Again, who knows?

The Wall Street Journal has the details, or lack thereof: “Democrats are working on their own plan for Medicare reform, said Mr. Schumer, who was mum on the details.”

Imagine that – a question that puts Chuck Schumer’s mouth in shutdown mode.

Liberals and radical “green” activists want to shut down hydrofracking as a way to boost New York’s economy, create jobs and access important supplies of natural gas. The Conservative Party is weighing in on the benefits of hydrofracking.

Have a great weekend!

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