Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bill Hammond stresses the need for mandate relief.

Along with much needed mandate relief, can we please get rid of the nanny state mentality that is destroying common sense. We ask why are our children becoming obese....well here is a good part of the problem. Enough of this nonsense...kids can't play kid games, they get scolded for playing video games, no one can win in little league because some one may have hurt feelings...chocolate milk can't be served in schools anymore....just one question to the people who are making these decisions....obviously you survived your childhood playing these popular games, drinking chocolate milk, winning and losing little league games, I just want to know HOW and what gives you the right to change the rules now?

Perhaps part of the problem is our leaders...with all of the serious problems facing Americans, the two US Senators from New York think this is an issue to be discussed and voted on. We are borrowing $58,000 a minute, Social Security and Medicaid are almost bankrupt, but Chuck and Gillie want to expand the COOL Act, yup our Senators are certainly looking out for us.

The American Dream is in jeopardy. Credit future bleak due to our national debt but just maybe it will force an honest discussion on our out of control debt limit.

Rich Lowry has more insight on Obamacare.

Judge Vaughn Walker, was his decision unbiased?

New York's Attorney General Schneiderman hasn't a clue on the issue of hydrofracking and is just abusing the power of his office to appease the environmental activists. As we discussed in our support memo for hydrofracking, the process has been in effect for 100 years and the last 40 years has been spent improving the process.

Thomas Sowell on bullying.

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