Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One would believe that rural upstate New York would have the highest Medicaid billing in the state, but this article identifies Rego Park -- a rather wealthy section of Queens -- as the area that bills Medicaid the most. The question is why Rego Park? In New York the cost per person for Medicaid is a whopping $2,903 compared to the rest to the US where it averages $1,364.

Betsy McCaughey prefers the Ryan plan over Obamacare. According to Gallup, so do Seniors.

Unshackle Upstate released a White Paper in support of and the importance of enacting the property tax cap.

The Working Families Party is being investigated for voter fraud by the FBI in Troy, NY.

The Heritage Foundation explains the perils of our debt crisis, while banks warn Obama on soaring debt. Terry Jeffery on the soaring debt.

Obama is overstepping again!

Running on empty by Jonah Goldberg. Larry Kudlow on The Left Hates Oil Companies.
They also hate hydrofracking, but Karen Moreau makes the case for Jobs New York needs.

Bonus Thomas Sowell article!

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