Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Let’s end this week with a look at some numbers...

52% – Scott Brown’s share of the vote in his upset victory over Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts special election to replace Ted Kennedy.

0 – the number of future conservative victories guaranteed by the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts. We won that battle, and it was a huge battle – but the fight continues, and conservatives have to work even harder to make sure people are informed on the issues and energized to take a stand for America.

Will our Philosopher-King President actually listen to the people?

$1.9 trillionthe increase in the U.S. debt limit being sought by the Democrats in Washington. That would allow our nation’s debt to hit $14 trillion. Seems like the big spenders in Congress still don’t get that most Americans are fed up with all this spending.

$1 billion – that’s the cost of the tax increases packed into Gov. Paterson’s new budget.

In “Grading the Gov’s Budget,” E.J. McMahon of the Manhattan Institute gives the Paterson plan a solid C, describing it as “not nearly as tough as his rhetoric (or the headlines) would imply...[but] relatively restrained and almost fiscally conservative -- by Albany's low standards, that is.” What’s your grade for the Paterson budget? Give your opinion in this week’s poll.

5 – the number of Supreme Court justices who voted to expand free speech by repealing campaign finance restrictions.

Terrified of free speech and open debate? Don’t worry, New York’s very own philosopher-king Chuck Schumer is looking out for you! (Oh, and you’re un-American, too, according to the Democrats.)

Not enoughthe number of votes Speaker Nancy Pelosi has for the Senate version of ObamaCare... meaning that the President’s hostile takeover of our health care has almost zero chance of actually being enacted this year.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. An open letter to Senator Charles Schumer:

    Senator Schumer:

    It is heartening to hear that you, Congressman Frank, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid are frightened by the decision of the Supreme Court to repeal many of the campaign finance regulation that had been put in place for the sole purpose of stifling our 1st Amendment rights of free and unfettered political speech. I can only hope that your disappointment with this Supreme Court decision will remind you of why the voters of New York State will be putting you out to pasture in November.