Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We have blogged about absurd things in the past, however, this one takes the cake. If this is what our State Department is pondering, no wonder we are at risk.

First we bail them out, then we tax them. Mr. President, let the free market work. May we also remind you that government does not create jobs, you and Congress may think you can, but history proves government does not. Your spending is the problem; companies will not hire as long as you continue to tax businesses excessively and eliminate any hope of a profit.

Apparently, the only thing President Obama really wants to do is to spend more.

New Jersey passes "medical marihuana", (read the comments) the New York Assembly has passed a bill in previous years, our question becomes: Will this be next? There is nothing medicinal about marihuana.

Senator Chuck Schumer vunerable? John Faso (a speaker at our upcoming conference) thinks he may be.

It's Thomas Sowell Tuesday!

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