Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The right message at the right time by the right person. Congratulations, Scott Brown. As long as you remember who voted you in, you will be continue to be a Senator from Massachusetts in the People's Seat.

Time will tell if the President is being honest or just telling us what we need to hear. We sincerely hope that he is being honest.

However, there are some lingering doubts. We won't know for sure for quite some time as his adviser's may not agree with him. Southers makes right choice. Nina Easton writes of "A limit to Compassion."

Legislators declare the Governor's budget "dead" for all the wrong reasons. "Medical" marijuana in the news again after New Jersey's outgoing Governor signs bill into law. See Chairman Long's quote in article.

Part two of Thomas Sowell's article "Are Republicans Due" here.

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