Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As much as I love New York, I would rather be a voter in Massachusettes today, wouldn't you?

E. J. McMahon writes of the school aid crisis. (Sunday's Newsday article) Also from the weekend, Chairman Mike Long, criticizes the health care sweetheart deal for unions.

Robert B. Ward writes of NY's budget problems.

"If the biggest fiscal crisis in a generation isn't enough to spur Albany, it's hard to know what would. Yet just two weeks ago, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, who oversees public authorities, seemed worried that Walder's plans might annoy the unions." Read more of Nicole Gelinas' column here.

Richard Cohen really does have a sense of humor.

"The stakes in this fall's elections go far beyond the fate of either the Republican party or the Democratic party. The fate of America is on the line. (emphasis added by cpnys) The Republicans need to understand that-- and to understand that they are not simply "due" because of polls." Thomas Sowell understands.

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