Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

“You are kidding yourself if you think you can be one of the highest-taxed states in the nation, have a reputation for being anti-business — and have a rosy economic future.”

The New York Post features this Andrew Cuomo quote daily on its opinion page now that the Governor has started to hedge on his promise to not raise taxes (which Shaun Marie has blogged about this week).

Now it seems that Cuomo has a growing roster of Republican allies who share his willingness to at least consider (as they so innocently put it) a tax increase.

Mark my words: Once these RINO’s “consider” taking more of other people’s money so they can spend it on bigger government, it won’t be long before they wholeheartedly embrace the idea.

What do you think: Will Cuomo and his Big Government allies (Democrat AND Republican) raise taxes in 2012? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

The Post also wants to know whether Cuomo will keep his word on hydro-fracking and gain control of the special interests within his administration that are trying to derail the process (and kill off much needed jobs in the process).

Meanwhile President Obama brought his campaign to New York this week, on one of the busiest nights of the Christmas season.

The result? Chaos and countless inconvenienced, outraged citizens... which actually seems to be the result of most of Obama’s decisions.

Want to increase your outrage level for the weekend? Check out this story of your tax dollars (and Obama’s stimulus spending spree) hard at work.

So who will be taking on the President in 2012? Right now (but subject to change at a moment’s notice) it’s Gingrich vs. Romney. Charles Krauthammer and John Podhoretz both weigh in on what this means for the presidential election.

Do you think the media might have talked about a gaffe like this had it been President George W. Bush talking about the “English” embassy?

Have a great weekend!

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