Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Heritage Foundation has the question of the day: Why would Obama veto job creation? Is this how Obama negotiates? It really is time Obama put the people of this great country first and stop the class warfare campaigning to keep his job. Mr. President read this, I have hope you'll change your ways....and I'll be waiting for a long, long time because a leopard does not change his spots.
Can you believe this man was a U.S. Senator? I guess when you really you look at the bills he pushed no one is that shocked by what he said.

Please do not believe Senator Gillibrand's Bill in response to the Throw Them All Out book, will resolve the issue. It won't! According to this, it only makes it easier. Again, elected officials grabbing headlines trying to hoodwink you into believing they, and they alone, know what is best for us.

The Unemployment Insurance program has dispensed $16B to people who did not deserve the benefits in 2010 alone. Not much hope in getting any of it returned....yet Obama wants to extend the benefits.

What is American's biggest fear? You're right, Big Government.

A must read by E.J.McMahon on state comptroller DiNapoli's vision of the state's pension plan. And you should certainly see this chart in today's USA Today to get an understanding why every state is concerned about pension costs.

Last week was not a good week for Governor Cuomo, first he broke a campaign promise and then he strong armed some legislators. Hmmm, and now he is letting fox guarding the hen house?

No decision yet on New York's primary date in 2012.

Tuesdays' with Thomas Sowell.

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