Monday, December 19, 2011

History will record 2011 as the year that some of the worlds worst terrorist leaders met their demise.

Do you think this is a "cash for visa scheme"? The idea makes me very uncomfortable, why bend rules for foreigners to invest, why not make it easier for US citizens to invest?

The payroll tax is not resolved and it looks as if hard ball is the name of the game today. Senator Coburn, MD explains his no vote on the floor Saturday.

Here is another good place to cut, thank you Daniel Mitchell, for letting us know about this.

More cuts can be made here.

The Hawaii Reporter stands up for taxpayers!

The Heritage Foundation reminds Obama that there is bipartisan support for the Keystone Pipeline.

Heritage Foundation's chart of the week: How to Simplify the Tax Code and Lower Taxes.

Capitalism and the Right to Rise by Jeb Bush.

Brian H. Darling writes in Human Events that legislators deserve a lump of coal. (Does Santa have enough coal?)

All of the Ethics Laws are a waste of time and money if the people of this great state and country continue to allow it to happen. How many times have voters ignored the ethics of a candidate and the message that that actions sends speaks volumes while ethic laws are ignored.

Heather McDonald writes about the Real Outrage in today's New York Post.

Is this laying the ground work for another tax hike and fee increases?

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