Monday, December 5, 2011

They are coming back, the question is why are they coming back to Albany. Is today's Grinch, aka the Governor and his partners in the Legislature, planning to spoil your Christmas by taking your income to continue their addiction to out of control spending.

E. J. McMahon writes about Andrew's Lip Service in today's NY Post.

This is on the right track, but it does not go far enough....eliminate it!

Why not create jobs and expand the base? Hydrofracking will create much needed jobs and its time New York's government acknowledge that real job is what is needed. Hydrofracking has a two fold benefit: needed jobs and energy independence.

Comptroller John Liu its Time to Resign!

The Heritage Foundation has a chart about federal deficits, the national deficit problem is the same as New York's problems: spending out of control.

The Heritage Foundation on Agenda 21. More here from American Policy Center.

The Administration's late Friday afternoon's "document dump" is hair raising. Some highlights are here, here, and here. You know the Administration has a problem when NPR is critical.
Some analysis from Michael A. Walsh who has been covering this from the beginning.

It must be only us that are truly concerned about the direction of our country, since the President is planning a 17 day vacation in Hawaii. Quick question: Did he go to Hawaii every Christmas before becoming President or only since he has had Air Force 1 to fly him there?

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