Monday, March 1, 2010

Where is the pride in being a New Yorker these days? Article after article heap ridicule on the government, where were they throughout the years we called for the end of politics as usual. Some insight on Governor Davide Paterson. John Faso has a few words for the press. Andrew Cuomo is playing the press, will the press allow the shenanigans this time around?

Nancy Pelosi plays hard ball. But not with Charlie Rangle or Anthony Weiner.

More on the Health Care Bill, here, here and here.

Get ready for the next congressional battles. Fannie Mae needs more of your money. Al Queda is growning in Africa.

The NY Post is skeptical of the WFP. And wonders why Tom DiNapoli thinks he can have some things both ways.

On a positive note William Buckley lives on.

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