Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

New York is scandal central this week. Let’s start with the controversy that has all of America outraged: The two kids who took over air traffic control duties at JFK.

Obviously those children aren’t qualified to direct air traffic, but maybe we could put them in Congress? They obviously couldn’t be any worse than the reps we have right now.

Take Rep. Eric Massa, whose sudden and mysterious retirement has sparked plenty of questions about ethics... just what New York needs right now.

But Rep. Massa has a tough act to following Rep. Charlie Rangel, who is taking a “leave of absence” from his post as head of the Ways and Means Committee.

Here is the New York Post’s take on why this leave of absence should not be temporary...

If the air traffic control kids want a job here in New York, could they be any worse than the alleged grown-ups we have running the place? The state’s top job might be open soon, as we’re seeing more and more demands for David Paterson to step down.

Even his hand-picked Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, is jumping ship.

Gov. Paterson's ethics quagmire continues. He’s even managed to get the Yankees involved.

Also deeply involved in scandal: The Working Families Party, which according to the New York Times “now faces a barrage of accusations that it violated campaign finance laws to aid its favored candidates.”

Now Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has been one of New York’s most activist public officials ever. He’s opened countless investigations in his tenure. But he’s MIA where the Working Families Party is concerned. Do you think he can be trusted to investigate his political allies? Take our Poll and give your opinions.

Have a great weekend, and try to stay out of trouble!

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  1. As a Conservative in New York State's 29th Congressional District this was my advice to Ms. Brooks regarding any thought she may be having about running for congress, (besides the fact that she doesn't live in the 29th District):

    Monroe County Executive
    Suite 110
    39 West Main Street
    Rochester, NY 14614
    Phone: 585 753-1000
    Fax: 585 753-1014

    Dear County Executive Brooks:

    I am contacting you because I have heard that with the withdrawal of Congressman Eric Massa from the 29th CD race, you may be considering challenging the announced candidate Tom Reed for the Republican Party endorsement. This is of grave concern to me due to the amount of effort that Reed, his staff and hundreds of volunteers have already put into his grassroots campaign. Through his honesty and his fiscally, socially and politically conservative principles and values Reed has garnered that support of tea party organizations and is earning favor with the Conservative Party in both Monroe and Ontario Counties.

    I am also concerned because it is my understanding that you have already endorsed Reed's candidacy for the 29th Congressional District. I believe that you have also help raise money for Reed's campaign. I and thousands of others were excited to have an honest to goodness fiscally conservative Republican go up against Eric Massa and I believe with the support base he has and continues to build he would have won, given the current economic and political climate.

    If you were to jump into the race now, your motives would be the subject of serious questions, as it would appear that you were only going for the easy win, after Reed has already done the yeoman's labor of forging the path and launching what would have been a successful "Reed for Congress" campaign against a better funded incumbent.

    I would like to think that you that you have the ethics, grace and honor to make the right decision and support Tom Reed as the candidate for the 29th Congressional District.

    Therefore, I would respectfully request that you do not place your hat in the ring for Congress in this district and would fervently hope that you would publicly endorse Tom Reed so that Conservatives, Republicans and independents can stand as one and return the 29th Congressional District to its conservative Republican roots.


    Steven G. Poyzer

    As a note to other Conservatives: We have the opportunity to bring honor and credibility back to New York and Washington DC, however it will not be done if we continue to support candidates who are not real conservatives, but only conservative when they need our party's support. We have stood behind Doug Hoffman as a Conservative candidate, so let us now seek out and support the best, brightest and strictest Conservatives we can find in our US Congressional and Senatorial races. Our Conservative Party members want to stand up proudly for conservative candidates, not hang our heads in shame as we plug our noses when we pull the lever for another progressive RINO Republican.