Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year-End Wrap Up

What is your choice for 2009’s biggest news story for conservatives? There are lots of options...

Spending: Barack Obama talked a lot about “change” during his campaign, but as President he’s shown himself as just another tax-and-spend liberal. Together with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid – and with plenty of help from New York’s Chuck Schumer – the Obama Administration has spent like there’s no tomorrow, saddling America with a record budget deficit in 2009 and forcing the government’s debt limit up to a whopping $12.4 trillion.

National Security: Gone are the days of a consistent, aggressive War on Terrorism. That phrase has even been banned in Washington. Now we have the Obama Administration planning to close down Guantanamo and bring terrorists to New York City to stand trial. After much dithering, the President decided to go with a mini-surge in Afghanistan, while at the same time Democrats like Barney Frank called for huge cuts in the defense budget. And then, thanks to the failed attack on Christmas Day, we were reminded that the threat of terrorism is still horribly real.

Health Care: President Obama and the Democrats expected smooth sailing as they sought to takeover all Americans’ health care choices – but all Americans wouldn’t keep quiet. Throughout the summer of 2009, citizens spoke their minds at town hall meetings and rallies across the nation – only to be branded as “un-American” by Nancy Pelosi and her minions. Madame Speaker, Harry Reid and the Democrats in Washington showed their disdain for the majority of Americans by passing ObamaCare by any means necessary.

Doug Hoffman: GOP bosses thought conservatives would play along when they chose “moderate” Republican Dede Scozzafava as their candidate in what should have been a run-of-the-mill special election to replace John McHugh. Well, she wasn’t a moderate – she was a liberal. The Conservative Party brought a principled conservative to the race – local business leader Doug Hoffman. The rest is history. The Conservative Party’s goal was to stand on principle – and to stand up to the corrupt and self-serving party bosses who could care less about the voters of New York. In doing so, we can most certainly declare victory.

The New York Senate: Partisanship, backstabbing, power plays and political posturing – all in a day’s work for the politicians in Albany. But this past summer’s Senate spectacle brought “politics as usual” to a new low, and made New York a laughing stock as the most dysfunctional state in the nation (an impressive feat after the high standard set by Rod Blagojevich in Illinois.)

Gov. Paterson: From mishandling the task of replacing Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate (and angering the Kennedy clan!) to playing the race card when he couldn’t handle the pressure of politics, Gov. Paterson repeatedly established himself in 2009 as the accidental governor. Will he end up being the big story for 2010, when he faces a tough election battle?

What do you think was the biggest story of 2009? Vote in our poll, and find out how many people agree with you. Or, if there’s something else you believe was the biggest news of the year, tell us what you think in the comments section.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

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  1. In his defense, Patterson HAS tried to work on the budget, but has been hampered by the Senate, the Assenbly, special interests and his inability to put together a rational sentence.