Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The good news is "Dems to Drop Medicare Expansion" while the bad news is "Gitmo Detainees" are moving to Illinois.

If Chuck Norris continues to write a few more articles like this, he may be drafted to run for political office himself.

Charles Hurt is accurate in his current column. (If you have the time, check out the comments of "Sutton542" and you will understand why our Country is in trouble.)

Rich Lowry and Michael Tanner write about the Health Care Reform Bill.

President Obama manages to call divided Dems together before his next overseas trip. Mr. President, perhaps you should listen to what the people want, and stop demanding that Congress just give you what you and the left want. Spending by your administration is out of control, Mr. President, America cannot afford your wants. "Bashing the Banks" will not resolve anything, in fact, it will lead to more financial problems.

Is Climate Change natural?

A must read for New Yorkers: "Acorn, the Working Families Party and Political Corruption" part 1.

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