Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

Feeling generous this Christmas season? I hope so...

At the Climate Conference spectacle in Copenhagen, President Barack Obama and New York’s own Hillary Clinton are giving away the store
– all based on Al Gore’s “I think I heard somebody say something about this once” scientific process.

In Washington, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama are spending our money like there’s no tomorrow.

Here’s a great article showing the absurdity and incompetence of the big spenders in Congress.

A $100,000 earmark for a library in Jamestown, SC was accidentally given to Jamestown, CA – a town that doesn’t even have a library. And the earmark is twice what the small-town library in South Carolina asked for in the first place.

Two members of Congress – a Republican and a Democrat – joined forces to get $100,000 to build bus shelters in ritzy Bal Harbour, FL. As the Times reports, “Congress more than doubled that amount to $250,000.”

I guess it’s easy to be generous when you’re dealing with other people’s money – and when you can just dig the country deeper and deeper into debt, which seems to be Nancy Pelosi’s top priority.

Unfortunately New Yorkers don’t have to go too far for lessons in how not to govern.

It’s a strange week when I agree with Howard Dean, but... if I were a senator, I would not vote for the current health-care bill.

As Howard Dean puts it, “Real reform would significantly lower costs, improve the delivery of health care and give all Americans a meaningful choice of coverage. The current Senate bill accomplishes none of these.”

Now don’t be alarmed – Mr. Dean thinks the Senate bill doesn’t go far enough in establishing a government-controlled health care system or a “single payer” monstrosity, and with that I couldn’t disagree more. But it’s starting to seem like nobody really likes ObamaCare.

Even some labor unions are getting cold feet.

And the White House can’t get its story straight.

But hey, Bill Clinton is on board...

Believe it or not, Sheldon Silver was on the verge of making sense this week, when he seemed to express some opposition to bringing terrorists in for a visit to New York. Alas, that was too good to be true: Sheldon is happy to have Khalid Sheik Mohammed and friends in town.

Truth is, now is a great time to be a terrorist – especially when you have a U.S. President offering “Get Out of Jail Free” cards. Just ask the detainees at Guantanamo who are looking forward to a trip home to Yemen.

We’ll be updating the blog next week when there’s breaking news or if we see an interesting story you might like. We’ll be off Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, of course.

I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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